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Henry Thornton - SMERSH: A discussion of economic, social and political issues The Hissink File - 18 March, 2009 Date 18/03/2009
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Advocating action to combat climate change and global warming is being used by activist socialists to push an agenda that goes well beyond promoting energy independence and renewable energy. It is a trojan horse for greater Government control and regulation of our day-to-day activities.
By Louis Hissink Email / Print

Henry and friends finished their last missive on Climate Change and Global Warming with the observation that we sceptics suspect it to be a socialist conspiracy and if the world goes over the brink, they know to whom the blame is to be portioned to. Well, HWG knows who to blame for the GFC – Guvmint, and some contribution might be the misallocation of funds to, climate research.

While the term socialist might be seen to be somewhat anachronistic, it simply means total Guvmint control of our lives and economies, and what better way than to control our behaviour than the regulation of our CO2 emissions.

But the alarming statement made by a group of ten universities at a conference in Copenhagen which concluded “that climate change and its effects matched, or exceeded, the worst fears expressed by the Nobel prize-winning IPCC two years ago” that Henry and friends repeated, has to be seen in its true Big Brother light – to frighten the hoi-polloi into acceding to Europe’s paranoid obsession with CO2.

Fact is everything is becoming colder and HWG has enjoyed one of the mildest summers in Perth, Western Australia that he can recall.  Why he even remembers that as a young surf lifesaver at Narrabeen SLSC, Boxing Day carnivals were known to be stinking hot but summers these last few decades seem to have been decidedly cooler than in his youth. Climate changes and we really don’t know why.

And the statement “All of the signals from the Earth system and the climate system show us that we are on a path that will have enormous and unacceptable consequences" smacks of twenty four carat millennialism.

Greenpeace has a website on which they post their latest scares and achievements and leading it is a post suggesting President Obama of the U.S. and President Lula of Brazil should add a new item to their agenda – saving the Earth!

Why? Because a shocking 85% of the Amazon is at risk from climate change according to the British Met Office’s Hadley Centre.

Yet another report from the BBC of 24 September 2007 concluded that the Amazon rainforest may be more resistant to rising temperatures than has been believed since during the 2005 drought many parts of the forest greened, or grew faster. These findings contrasts with some computer models of climate change which forecast that the Amazon would dry out and become a savannah.

So, on the one hand we have no disaster, on the other hand we do.

Oh and in case Henry’s readers thought these calamitous announcements from the recent conference in Copenhagen were a little over the top, the conference organiser, Katherine Richardson, said that “This is not a regular scientific conference. This is a deliberate attempt to influence policy” (source). Politically active scientists, and for whom do they vote?

Now, I have no wish to alarm Henry’s gentle readers but I’ve been doing some research myself lately on how much sunlight the Earth receives each day. Since December 21, 2008 the days have started to become shorter and nights longer, and clearly the trend is accelerating.

This decrease in daylight has been positively correlated with our increase in CO2 emissions, and if these emissions are not cut drastically, we will end up with no daylight. However, by implementing the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), we can then have the save-the-day program to stop this impending environmental catastrophe.

Louis Hissink (HWG).

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